Thursday, 5 June 2014

Watch Srilankan tv channels on Dishtv India Tru HD

Well this is a question that has been answered on many of the dth forums . But most of them seems to be for normal Dishtv users , not the TruHD customers. Thought the procedure is same for all dishtv users , an additional step need to be done to get these channels for TruHD users . So here it is . I am going to start from scratch.
  1. Press the Menu button on your remote
  2. Press the left arrow key once to reach the help tab. Here you will find Picture Settings, Guide Settings, STB Info etc.
  3. Select STB info by pressing the down arrow key
  4. Now press OK button to get the STB info sheet
  5. You can see all the Transponder list in this page. Now Press the Red button on your remote to reach the installation menu
  6. Select Home  Frequency and press OK or Red button.
  7. Now you will be able to see the TP list. Now we have to edit the home transponder frequency. But by default , DishTV doesnot allows you to change this. You might see an edit button on the bottom of screen (blue) , but pressing this won't change the frequency , but will change the symbol rate only.
  8. So the trick is to type 9 5 2 3 quickly on your remote by keeping the selection on the Home transponder tab
  9. By default the home transponder frequency is 12688 . Symbol rate 27500 . Polarization Vertical . FEC Inner 3/4 . Please note down these incase you need to go back to default settings.
  10. Now change the frequency to 12170 . Symbol rate 40700. Polarization Horizontal. FEC Inner Auto.
  11. Press OK or Red Button .
  12. Again Press OK to reach the installation menu.
  13. Now Press Exit . Set top box restarts .
  14. On restarting , you might arrive on the 33402 Test Channel .
  15. Nothing to worry. Press Menu button and then press left arrow to reach Help page.
  16. Choose Channel Search option from it. Press OK to start the search.
  17. After completion of search , Press Ok to save it .
  18. STB will restart and now you will reach the 2222 channel SIRASA . All Srilankan and Pakistan channels can be accessed . Enjoy .

UPDATE :  Some people says that this doesnot work. But I have checked this myself and is working fine as of today ( 28 / 10 /2014 )
Watch the video for a walkthrough


  1. i did't really saw any pakistan channel

  2. I got the channel but unable to view it .it shows unsubscribed. So tell me how to subscribed it?

  3. All channels are marked as not subscribed

  4. Bhutan bbs 1 and 2 are not voming in dish tv. What is promble. Please replay in my email. pemawangchuk@gmail.vom