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I turned to blogging when i failed in the final exam in college . Everybody was blaming , shouting and torturing me emotionally . People started treating me as if i had done some heinous crime and i started thinking why i chose engineering??? .I had 2 months before the supplementary examination , but as usual i didn’t study a thing till the last week . With less than 5 days left for the exams , i realized that i don’t have a single line of study material left with me(Remember the victory parades on the last day at engineering colleges) . Days pass by and the night before exams came . I still haven’t completed a single module ( 4 modules total) . Time was about 10 in the evening and i switched on the PC on the pretext of referring something . Google was so dumb those days, had to spend hours just to get a ‘technical article’, especially on a 52kbps dial up connection. Time do fly . At 2 am in the morning , my mom , seeing the lights came to the room to see me and had the shock of her life. I was err…..you know .

I failed the exams . Again. Unlike the previous time , there was no pressure on me and had lot of free time . At that time i heard about a grandma earning good money from blogging. So i started my own blog . The blog was about my dog itself . Barking Dog Seldom Bites . But my dog fails to give me stories . Yeah he was so dull . That blog eventually died out of starvation . The remains of that blog was piled up and cremated 3 years later , when i started my photo blog. That one became a success and at one time had almost 400 followers on Facebook. But that met a premature death , when some bugs ate my blog away , but the fan page still exists .

I always wanted to fiddle with things. I wanted to explore the unknown . It thrills me to do new things using the gadgets . I share this passion with a couple of my friends. So we started this blog , so that we can share our crazy ideas with you friends out there . No posts in this blog is a lift-off . We do take ideas from others , but do things our way . Also we do not support any warez or piracy. If you think any of our articles falls into such categories , please let me know at steps2do@yahoo.co.in
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Android once fell on my head and i became a scientist
People call me scientist because they believe i can make things . But in reality , i am a dumb guy .Cleared an engineering degree by hook and crook and then dropped out of a management institute to make an unsuccessful career in mobile technology . Tried my hand in many things , from call center to organic farming. Meanwhile , fell in love with someone who eventually became the mother of my one year old son.Now a blogger and at home dad . I acts as an editor / contributor for this blog and i love to play with my mobile . I blog about things that excites me , but being a good friend do what is thrown at me :P . So that’s my story

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