Thursday, 10 July 2014

How to record your android screen as video

Capturing the screenshot is now part of the standard equipment in most of the android phones . In Samsung phones , all you have to do is to press the Power key and the Center key together to capture your screen shot as image . But what if you want to record a game you are playing on android ?   Of course you can mirror your Android screen to compatible TV using Screen Mirroring . Also there are applications like Droid@screen and Mirrorop that does this task effectively . But what i am talking about is not mirroring , but capturing . Imagine you want to make a tutorial on how to play a particular android game. The best way to do it is by making a video oh how you play . So how will you do it. Unfortunately Android doesn't allow this feature by default. May be because of hardware restrictions . But some apps are there in Google Play which serves the purpose. Some of them requires the latest version of Android ( 4.4  KitKat) and some requires a rooted phone and some other requires a laptop connected . The one app that catches my attention is SCR screen recording app. Why i opted this app is because of three reasons 
1 . The app is free for download and is available for all android versions starting from 2.3 Ginger Bread 
2 . The app size is very small (3.37 MB)
3 . My phone is rooted 

For non rooted phone users , apps like Free Screen recorder is available . To know how to root the phone , please read this.

Now how to record the screen using SCR .

Download the app from Play Store . They have a free app and a free version.
Open the app , you will get a tiny menu will appear as show below

Click on the Gear button to adjust the settings. You change options like frame rate , bit rate , resolution , Render engine etc. You also have the option to change the audio source. You can either use your mic or just mute the audio.
Now that you have made your settings , start capturing by pressing the capture button( orange in color) . SCR starts recording immediately and without any hogs . When you are done with recording , just click the lock screen or click the SCR app icon in the phone menu . Your recordings will be stored in the pre determined folder and can be accessed via the gallery . 

The video is recorded in the mp 4 format . To know the quality , watch the video below which was captured from my phone 

When i stopped recording by pressing the lock screen key , the captured video ends with a black screen for 2 seconds which had to be edited out 
The free version of the app doesn't allow you to capture the screen continuously for three minutes only and also adds a watermark . Of course you can bypass these restrictions by buying a pro version 

So what you think ? Was that  useful for you ? 
Please share your comments and help me grow . Happy to help :)

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