Tuesday, 8 July 2014

YouTube tricks you should try

YouTube , without doubt , is the most popular video sharing website in the world . With about 800 million unique users every month and 100 hours of video is being uploaded every minute into YouTube . 

Earlier i told you how to bypass the age restriction in YouTube  . Today i am going to list out few more tricks , probably you might have came across these earlier . 

Replay in YouTube 

Sometimes you wish to play a video in loops . By default YouTube doesnot allow you to do that and have to press the replay button everytime you want to play. So here comes the trick. Just add the word 'repeater' , without quotes, after youtube and before .com 
For example , i want to play the below video to be played in a loop 

I add the word repeater in address bar like below

A new page will be opened and the video will start playing. You can specify the start and end positions of the video to be played in loops .  

Another service provider called Infinitelooper also gives the same service. Here you have to replace youtube in address bar with infinitelooper .

Slow Motion In YouTube

This one is a default feature in YouTube. For those who don't know how to do it , just click the little gear button the player . You will see the options like Annotations, Speed and Quality. Change the speed from Normal to 0.5 or 0.25 . Done. You are now playing the videos in slow motion .

YouTube Music Discovery

Go to the the bottom of the YouTube home page . Click the Try something new! link 

You will now reach the YouTube test tube page , where you can try out the beta features . Currently  only YouTube Music Discovery is available . Click try out to Disco ! What it does is , it creates auto playlists based on the name of artist we want . 

YouTube Myspeed

You feel videos are loading slow ? Compare your streaming speed and the average speed of your ISP using YouTube Myspeed service. 

Prevent Autoplay in YouTube

YouTube starts playing video automatically once you click the link. But there is a trick available , for those , to prevent the auto play . In chrome browser , go to settings > Content . Or type this in chrome address bar chrome://chrome/settings/content. In plugins , choose Click to play  
Now the videos won't play automatically 

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