Wednesday, 25 June 2014

How to get lives on Candy Crush Saga without signing into Facebook

This article is meant for candy crush saga in Android / i OS

For anyone who is used to playing candy crush saga knows how disappointing it is to ran out of lives . So to get more lives you have three options .
One – Purchase a life pack from developer.
Two-Wait for the life to refill .(Not sure , but i think  it is 15 minutes for each lives)
Three- Log into Facebook and ask your friends for more lives .But what if you don’t have WiFi or internet access in your mobile ? 
Well , i give you another option. After you ran out of the lives , just exit the game and go to the time settings of your phone. Advance the time by 5 hours . Then go back to the game. You will see the lives are again full. Once you ran out of lives again , you can repeat the trick . Once you are done with the game , don’t forget to reset your clock to actual time. After resetting to actual time , if you open the game you might see a wait period of many thousand minutes for next life . Don’t worry . All you have to do is , not wait for thousand minutes , connect with Facebook . Once the synchronization is complete , the wait period will be disappear and will show full lives .
NB : Please note that tweaking with the system time could adversely affect other applications in the phone and could lead to data loss / damage . Caution is advised .
Know something better ? Please do it in comments . Happy to help :)

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