Monday, 30 June 2014

Watch MOD channels on Dishtv without subscription

So are you a dishtv user ? Go to channel number 250 , 251 and 254 . If you are a non subscriber , most probably you will be seeing a transparent conditional access message window displayed over the picture as shown below.
 Yes, you can watch the movie , or atleast hear , till the window becomes solid in colour.To continue watching , you have to pay for the movie .  But there is a trick to watch the movie without paying .
In your dishtv remote , press ‘ok’ button to evoke the program menu .
Now press the green button in the remote quickly  for ‘Options’ . That is it . Now you can watch the movie , albeit the options menu bar. Do not press OK or Exit . You can press OK to choose the audio language ( if available) , but don’t press Exit .
Please use this trick only for a preview . Please pay to watch watch the movie . After all , they are just asking a price of Rs. 30-50 per movie. In addition , you can even pay using your points .
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